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Guild Server Status
Server status could not be determined, because it is temporarily unavailable.
Welcome to the home of The Dark Republic, a SWTOR guild! If you would like to join, or need more information, check out this page. It is suggested you read through it before making a decision on joining our fine community.

Layout Change(s)

Zenzara, Mar 6, 12 6:01 PM.
This is one of the two website layout changes that I will be trying. I'd like to know some of your guys opinions on it in the game whenever you actually see this. As you can see this layout is based around shades of reds and oranges. The next primary color I'm going to work with is purple. Again, let me know what you guys think.

Guild Master Break

Zenzara, Feb 26, 12 3:26 PM.
Recently I've been noticing myself kind of start to get bored so for a while I'm going to post pone leveling up to 50 and just enjoy myself as like a little game vacation thing. I will be working on crafting and PVPing for a while so that I don't completely burn myself out on this long boring quest frenzy. I will also be on less for about a week or so, some days maybe not at all.

Because of this, I'm afraid I have to announce that PVP teams will be postponed for a while, but new website features will now be coming since I have extra time to work on them.

Upcoming Guild Changes

Zenzara, Feb 11, 12 5:49 PM.
As the guild grows and grows, it has come to my attention that we need some cool new activities to keep things active and ongoing, and also that some general things need to be changed. Below I have listed some upcoming guild community features for the in game and website areas of our group. Check back on this news announcement to see what has been changed or added. Anything with a slash through it has been completed.

  1. Forum for members to communicate on, on the website.
  2. Possible guild roster for members to add characters to.
  3. Possible color change to the layout.
  4. Separate page for guild information more in depth then the Welcome widget on the Main page.
  5. Guild calendar for setting guild event dates like PVP and endgame instancing.
  6. PVP team page for finding out who the members of the PVP team are and how to join.
  7. MAJOR changes to the website information in many general areas for less confusion.
  8. Screenshot and video section for members to upload and add things to.
  9. Rules page with information on what isn't allowed in our community.
In-game Guild
  1. PVP team power rank for members who sign up on the date we start. (Will be a requirement of level 50.)
  2. Removal of inactive members of 20 days or more to get a clearer reading of member count.
  3. A voice server for use with our community.
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